Wednesday, January 8, 2014

City of Heavenly Fire Cover Reveal Details

Cassie posted the details of the cover reveal for City of Heavenly Fire on her tumblr yesterday:
So remember I said the cover of City of Heavenly Fire was going to be revealed in an interesting way? I’ve finally been given the okay to say that it’s going to be revealed on television — January 14th on "The Insider", 7pm EST on CBS! For all y’all who don’t live in the US or whose DVRs are full of back episodes of "The Walking Dead" or whatever, the cover will be up online shortly after. :)
How incredibly cool is that??? A cover reveal on TV??? I know exactly what Mundie Moms will be doing at 7 pm EST on January 14th!!!!

Pre-order links: amazon | Barnes and Noble | IndieBound


  1. I am SOOO excited about this reveal...this book! I am a HUGE Cassie fan. Thanks for the extra coverage on this reveal!

  2. We are very over-the-moon excited about it, too!!!'

  3. Ahhh I cannot wait!
    I'm so excited to see Jem and Tessa in this one, even if it's only for a moment!
    Angela Addiego - Bristol Bay Fishing Lodge


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